Are you ready to take that next step to success ?

Lia Smith-Pratt mentors those desiring to move forward in their careers, life, or business, by combining all aspects needed to flourish in todays busy world.

  • Do you have the groundwork to follow your dreams?
  • Do you have the Passion to make things happen?
  • How do you walk into the room?
  • What do others see?
  • What do you do when you are mentally, physically and emotionally challenged by your day to day hustle?
  • How do you keep on growing, in the competitive nature of any business?
  • How do you even begin to build your legacy?

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Driving Growth, Innovation and Performance
Aging with Dignity: Being...

Who plans to break a hip? Who plans to need home care? No one does. This book is a comprehensive, easy-to-read.

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Smart Steps to Big Dreams

this is a series of stories, thoughts questions, and concepts to help those whoare moving forward in business, career or personal life.

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The Home Care Bible

Save time and energy by avoiding crucial beginners' mistakes, while changing (or enhancing) your mindset about the...

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Jilly's Song: A Friendship...

Deeply personal, “Jilly’s Song” is a book detailing life lessons given from one friend to another. We all have that friend...

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“Lia has been a mentor to me since I came into the homecare industry, her knowledge of strategies and growth excelled me to a position where I could not only start my own company, but have been able to capture business, be mindful of my family my mental and spiritual health, which is very important to me being a woman Business owner. She helped me believe in myself when no one else would.”

- MerrileeH, ACT Homecare, Co-Owner, San Diego, CA

“After talking to Lia, I was immediately drawn to her vision of being the best home care provider in business, going above and beyond in service and compassion. I knew this was the business I wanted to be in.”

- David Lyell, ABS CEO, Riverside, CA

“After watching our own parents use home care, we weren’t always happy with the service and we thought there had to be a better way. After seeing what Lia did with her agency and her philosophies, we were realized there was a better way... a better solution.”

- Amy Torres, ABS CEO, Wichita, KS