I started from the ground up, I’ve made all the mistakes and make sure you don’t make the same ones.


Over 25 years in business, the honor of authoring three impactful books, and the pride of having mentored past employees, friends, and others to develop as business owners HAS set the groundwork for what has become my mission and purpose. I am here to help you discover yours.

When I decided to start my own business, it was a scary thought. I knew there was a vision brewing inside of me, but it didn't quite have form yet. I was going into an industry I had been working in from the ground up for over 25 years. I intimately understand the thoughts and fears that gain traction in our hearts and our minds, and I can help you become aware of those and other things that will mentally keep you from following your vision.

As a business coach, I can help you critically look your vision and roadmap for achieving that vision. I can guide you through the hurdles that come with growing your concept with my no-holds-barred approach. As a keynote and workshop speaker, I can provide you with mechanisms to manage your expectations of yourself and others through this process and help you avoid the pitfalls I have encountered. My methods can keep you focused on the result, not on the difficulties of starting your journey. Together, you and I will deconstruct the subconscious thoughts and behaviors that hinder your success.

In every company or career I have ever worked in, my education started with ME. Learning who I was in every situation and determining the qualities that I would need to possess in order to excel. Most people don’t even understand the way they walk into a room, the subtle energy we put out when closing a deal or engaging a boss, colleague, mentor or even a friend. These traits and this understanding of ourselves is essential. Applying these principles are how I began my rise to the top of my field, and I am still learning new things every day, and so can you!

“The reason I love homecare is it affects the community in two ways; it provides jobs for people in need while providing seniors the ability to remain independent at home .”

- Lia Smith, CEO

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